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How to update the IBM Connections Favicons

Every Connections application has its own favicon. Our current customer wants to replace them by 1 corporate favicon. After looking trough the documentation, we found that this is not very well documented. Therefore this article. After some help from IBM … Continue reading

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Typo in run as user field: unable to start Deployment Manager

Today I was changing the run as user for my IBM Connections WebSphere Deployment manager back to the dedicated user after installing CR3 and I made a typo but did not catch it until I started my server up. Or … Continue reading

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Duplicate users in IBM Connections 3 Homepage table

In IBM Connections 3.0.1 your network contacts are kept in the profiles database, but also in the homepage database. The reason for this is probably because you need them to show feeds for your network in the Homepage application and … Continue reading

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