My presentation from the Engage conference

Earlier this week, Klaus Bild and I did a short version of our IBM Connect presentation at the incredible Engage conference in Breda.
You can find the slides below

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Speaking at Engage Breda

Klaus Bild and I will be repeating (shorter version) our IBM Connect session at the Engage conference in Breda 17-18/3

A whopping 30 IBM Champions will be on stage at this amazing conference.

You can find the schedule here, and the list of sessions here

We will be joined by Katrina Troughton, Vice President, IBM Social Business & Smarter Workforce Solutions

and Kramer Reeves, Director, Product Management, IBM Messaging and Collaboration Solutions

Remember, this conference is free!!

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Our IBM Connect Session is Online – “Make Your IBM Connections Deployment Your Own: Customize It!”

We just finished our session on IBM Connections customization.

Thanks to all attendees for being there, it was a big pleasure and honor to be part of IBM Connect 14 as first time speakers:

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IBM Champion

I was named IBM Champion last week. I still can’t believe it. I am very proud, shocked, honored and thrilled to be part of such a great group of people. I am happy Theo Heselmans does not have to defend Belgiums colours on his own anymore. I feel I should step up my game now to be able to be worth to be on that list.

On top of that I have been selected to speak @ the IBM Connect conference in January together with Klaus Bild on Customizing Connections.

It has been a strange year 2013. One of the hardest one ever I guess. My wife and I bought a house last year in August and started renovating it ourselves. It took us 10 months so we moved this year in June. Due to that I slowed down my work rate to 4 day a week for that period and skipped on a lot of work related stuff. This is one of the reasons I was so surprised to be named IBM Champion. I want to thank all people that nominated and voted for me.

I look to being and speaking at IBM Connect and to a great 2014

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IBM Sametime 9.0 HF1

IBM is releasing Hot fix 1 for IBM Sametime 9.0 this week. They have already released a couple of components: System Console, Community Server, Meeting Server, Gataway Server.

We are still waiting for the Connect client. It could arrive any day now. (and should)

Cool new features to look forward to:

  • Microsoft Office Integration
    IBM has rewritten this component that already existed in 8.5 but was rather unstable. Let’s hope for the best.
  • TLS support for clients
    Transport Layer Security will be available for client connections to Community server and Mux. Except when running on IBM i

You can find the download information here


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Audio and Video settings not saved in Sametime 9

While starting rollout of the Sametime 9 client in Windows, we saw that the Audio & Video hardware settings are not maintained after a client restart.

Testing shows that the file where it should store these settings is touched on applying changes, but nothing is written to it.

The file it should write to is:\.metadata\.plugins\\

We have an open pmr and Dev is working on getting this solved.

I hope this one can still make the november HF


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Save emoticon bug in Sametime 9

Recently discovered a bug in the new Sametime 9 client. When you receive a custom emoticon in a chat message, you have the functionality to right click and save it to an emoticon palette of your choice. This was working fine in 8.5.2 but does not perform any action in the new 9 client.

IBM support has written a fix that will be included in the first public Hotfix for Sametime 9 client.

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Swiftfile for Notes 9 available as official download from the IBM Software Access Catalog

I don’t know since when, but just saw this.



Part nr CII29EN

Go and grab it and deploy it for all your users, they will love it

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Sametime Audio and Video not working when all components on 1 Windows 2008 box

Recently I had to troubleshoot a newly installed Sametime environment for a small deployment.

All WebSphere components installed on 1 box with 3 ip addresses assigned to 1 Nic on Windows 2008 R2 SP1

Point to point video was working, however adding a third person or using Audio and Video from the meeting center would not work.

Strange… After some investigation, it looked like the Media Server services and Proxy server services were all listening on the Meeting servers address instead of there assigned ip.

The first assigned IP (I thought to be the default for outgoing traffic)  x.x.x.179 System Console and Media Server. Proxy was assigned to x.x.x.172 and meeting to x.x.x.173

All were listening on x.x.x.172

Strange, if all listening on 1 it should be the default IP x.x.x.179 and certainly not x.x.x.172

Then I found this article

On windows 2003 the first Ip address becomes the default for outgoing traffic.

Microsoft decided to change this behaviour in Windows 2008 where the IP with the lowest digit is default for outgoing traffic (wow that makes sense)

So I ended up shutting down all services, removing the 172 and 173 address from the nic and re-inserting them using following command:

netsh int ipv4 add address “Local Area Connection” x.x.x.172 SkipAsSource=true

netsh int ipv4 add address “Local Area Connection” x.x.x.173 SkipAsSource=true

Restarted al services

Everything started working as expected

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The (Microsoft) pot calling the (Google) kettle black?

Is discrediting your major competitor the new way of marketing. Microsoft seems to think so.

They have the nerve to accuse their competitor of something they are accused of themselves (they deny everything, just as Google does)

I question this way of trying to beat the competition. I believe that companies must make a profit, but not at all cost. They have a duty towards our society and should be an example on how things should be done.

Profit can still be made when doing business ethically. Just take a look at the following website.

They don’t even hide the fact that this site is hosted by Microsoft (that’s about the only thing they do ok here). But just to be sure, I did a quick Whois

I strongly believe this way of doing business is questionable and non-ethical. (I also believe that allowing NSA access to customer data is non-ethical but that’s not the point of this post)

They should be ashamed of themselves and customers should take this way of working into account and migrate away from any company using this way of working.

As a bonus the Guardian released this article last week

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