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Save emoticon bug in Sametime 9

Recently discovered a bug in the new Sametime 9 client. When you receive a custom emoticon in a chat message, you have the functionality to right click and save it to an emoticon palette of your choice. This was working … Continue reading

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IBM Sametime Turn Server playing tricks on me

I recently installed a full Sametime Standard environment for a customer for a small number of users. I decided to go for a 2 server install and put all WebSphere based components on 1 machine. I ended up with 5 … Continue reading

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Empty groups in Sametime client on 8.5.2 IFR1

For weeks now we are having calls from users complaining about empty or half empty public Sametime groups. After a server reboot the issue will be gone for a while, but it comes back. We have the same behaviour in … Continue reading

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