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WebSphere nodes no longer syncing

Came across this issue recently, took em a while to get it solved. None of the nodes could sync with the deployment manager due to following error: ADFS0119E: An unexpected exception occurred: File download failed: ADFS0140E: The file … Continue reading

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How to update the IBM Connections Favicons

Every Connections application has its own favicon. Our current customer wants to replace them by 1 corporate favicon. After looking trough the documentation, we found that this is not very well documented. Therefore this article. After some help from IBM … Continue reading

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IBM WebSphere on Raspberry PI

I happen to have a Raspberry PI at home connected to my tv to stream content from my NAS to my television. I think it does a great job, but I could not imagine using it for something work related. … Continue reading

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How to change a password on AIX as an admin without following the password policy

I used this on a project where the systems were protected by a non local policy I had no access to. Your best friend is the pwdadm command As root execute the following: pwdadm -f NOCHECK ‘youruser’ This will allow … Continue reading

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Function keys not working on AIX (smitty) when using Putty

Working on a AIX deployment for the moment. A very usefull tool on AIX for configuring a lot of stuff on the system is smitty Issue is that on smitty you have to use the keyboards function keys to navigate. … Continue reading

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Save emoticon bug in Sametime 9

Recently discovered a bug in the new Sametime 9 client. When you receive a custom emoticon in a chat message, you have the functionality to right click and save it to an emoticon palette of your choice. This was working … Continue reading

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IBM Sametime Turn Server playing tricks on me

I recently installed a full Sametime Standard environment for a customer for a small number of users. I decided to go for a 2 server install and put all WebSphere based components on 1 machine. I ended up with 5 … Continue reading

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Typo in run as user field: unable to start Deployment Manager

Today I was changing the run as user for my IBM Connections WebSphere Deployment manager back to the dedicated user after installing CR3 and I made a typo but did not catch it until I started my server up. Or … Continue reading

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Empty groups in Sametime client on 8.5.2 IFR1

For weeks now we are having calls from users complaining about empty or half empty public Sametime groups. After a server reboot the issue will be gone for a while, but it comes back. We have the same behaviour in … Continue reading

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Lotus Quickr, people losing access to places

Recently I came across this issue. All of the sudden people would start losing access to places. Not everybody and not to all places. You must love these problems where you can’t pinpoint any logic. After some asking around, it … Continue reading

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