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I will not be speaking @ ICONUK

A big disappointment for myself. I will not be speaking at the IconUK conference. I had a session set up with Klaus Bild. So I am letting down a lot of people. Klaus, the organization and myself. Thanks to Klaus … Continue reading

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Belgian beer

This is a little off-topic, but as I was talking to Martin Keen last week it turned out he is a great fan of Belgian beers and he asked me for my favorite ones. And I was listing them in a mail when I thought, … Continue reading

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IBM Redbooks Social Media Residency review

I wanted to write a review about being on the IBM Redbooks Social Media Residency last week, but my residency colleague Keith Brooks wrote a review on his blog that summarizes it so well that I don’t see the point in doing the same. There are … Continue reading

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Why this blog?

As my first post I think I should explain why I want to start blogging, just to make sure the eventual readers can understand the motivation for this. The idea of starting a private blog was in the back of … Continue reading

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