Social Connections VII Stockholm, looking back

Sitting in a very tiny little Swedish airportwaiting for a 4,5 hour delayed fligth is the perfect excuse to write a little roundup on the Social Connections event.

This 7th version was a bit special for me, it w the 4th one I attended, but after being a visitor in Cardiff and a speaker in Amsterdam and Prague, this one was a bit different.

Yes I had a session ( together with Klaus Bild), but there is mor to it. for the first time i was part of the organisation team for the event.

I jumped on this train a couple of months ago, when the team already started the organisation for this event. I did not know what to expect working on a team spread all over Europe and US, with people having daytime jobs and doing this in their private time, but actually using the products we evangalise worked out pretty well. We worked hard, had a lot of fun in calls and chats, had some troubles along the road, but it was worth it

At the event itself, we did not run into any major issues, the event seemed to run smoothly all by itself (must be the stuff they call preparation) and the feedback we got from sponors and visitors was great. When the event was finished and over with yesterday evening I got my (unexpected) reward for spending a certain amount of my private time on this conference (way less than most of the others on the team) and I did not expect it to happen, it took me by surprise. The feedback from people, all the kind words, appreciation, collaboration in the team, and the knowledge that we just “rocked” the event was my reward and it made me feel great. This is the best type of reward you can get.

So thanks Stuart, thanks Brian for giving me the opportunity to be part of this and thanks Lars, thanks Maria, thanks, Martin, thanks Jan for making up a great team.

I look forward to the next one…..



About Wannes Rams

I'm a IBM Collaboration software consultant. I am specialized in the architecture and technical lead of enterprise implementations. I started of as a Lotus Domino specialist certified up to Domino 8, but moved on to IBM Connections, Lotus Sametime and Lotus Quickr. I also have experience with WebSphere Administration and WebSphere Portal deployments. I am also IBM Champion for ICS Specialties: Lotus Domino Lotus Sametime Lotus Quickr IBM Connections WebSphere Portal administration WebSphere Application server administration Cisco Firewall administration Tivoli Directory Integrator Social Business
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