Search on IBM Connections mobile app not working with changed context root: update

I spoke about this issue in this previous post. And about the fact that is is resolved in Connections 4. Good news, this can be fixed in Connections 3 as well.

Last night an update to the IBM Connections mobile app was released. We are now at 3.5.1 and this is a fix release. 1 of the things fixed is the changed context root issue. 1 small caveat, you will also need a server fix to have this working, so I haven’t tested it yet because we have to wait for CR3.

It should be coming up very shortly…


About Wannes Rams

I'm a IBM Collaboration software consultant. I am specialized in the architecture and technical lead of enterprise implementations. I started of as a Lotus Domino specialist certified up to Domino 8, but moved on to IBM Connections, Lotus Sametime and Lotus Quickr. I also have experience with WebSphere Administration and WebSphere Portal deployments. I am also IBM Champion for ICS Specialties: Lotus Domino Lotus Sametime Lotus Quickr IBM Connections WebSphere Portal administration WebSphere Application server administration Cisco Firewall administration Tivoli Directory Integrator Social Business
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