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Empty groups in Sametime client on 8.5.2 IFR1

For weeks now we are having calls from users complaining about empty or half empty public Sametime groups. After a server reboot the issue will be gone for a while, but it comes back. We have the same behaviour in … Continue reading

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Lotus Quickr, people losing access to places

Recently I came across this issue. All of the sudden people would start losing access to places. Not everybody and not to all places. You must love these problems where you can’t pinpoint any logic. After some asking around, it … Continue reading

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Search on IBM Connections mobile app not working with changed context root

I am currently facing an issue with a IBM Connections deployment were we have a changed context root for the applications. This causes the search in the mobile app not to work instead of We have for a whole … Continue reading

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Belgian beer

This is a little off-topic, but as I was talking to Martin Keen last week it turned out he is a great fan of Belgian beers and he asked me for my favorite ones. And I was listing them in a mail when I thought, … Continue reading

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IBM Redbooks Social Media Residency review

I wanted to write a review about being on the IBM Redbooks Social Media Residency last week, but my residency colleague Keith Brooks wrote a review on his blog that summarizes it so well that I don’t see the point in doing the same. There are … Continue reading

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Duplicate users in IBM Connections 3 Homepage table

In IBM Connections 3.0.1 your network contacts are kept in the profiles database, but also in the homepage database. The reason for this is probably because you need them to show feeds for your network in the Homepage application and … Continue reading

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Why this blog?

As my first post I think I should explain why I want to start blogging, just to make sure the eventual readers can understand the motivation for this. The idea of starting a private blog was in the back of … Continue reading

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